My name is Julian Wandzilak and I will try to save my professional journey here. You can expect to see posts mostly about things which I am doing right now, but with some extra time I hope to add some about my past projects. And it won’t be only about AEC industry.

So, at the beginning a few words about me. I am an architect, designer and a BIM coordinator with a growing knowledge of programming (Python, C++, C# and JS). I studied architecture at Cracow University of Technology, and was international exchange student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Lately I finnished postgraduate studies in BIM at AGH.

I gained my professional experience working in the UK (Manchester, London), USA (Chicago) and Poland (Kraków). I was also involved in architectural projects in Australia and Norway.

During my professional life I have been involved in preparing masterplans, factories, healthcare projects, education, high-end residential projects, high-rise buildings (residential & student), interiors for a museum, extensions and refurbishment of heritage-listed projects and small houses. I also took part in some competitions. Sadly We never got the first prize (but were pretty close). Lately I did some concepts for playgrounds…

Also, I am a UAV pilot (VLOS and BVLOS, up to 25kg) and photographer. And I do 3d models, 2d & 3d graphic design, brand identities and laser scanning for construction (point clouds are so cool) ;) And I am probably interested in too many things but “specialisation is for insects…”

Main areas:

Graphic Design
Point Clouds
and many more

Bear in mind that everything here is under construction and probably will be as long as I am alive ;)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help - especially with something cool!

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Julian Wandzilak W7k
ul. św. Jana 9/6, 31-017, Kraków, Polska

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