Leveler 1.1 - First Update!


My first add-in, Leveler, has got updated! The main task of this plugin is to control level assignments! To make it even more powerful, I added today 10 more scripts to it. They allow you to quickly rename the levels, grids and what is super cool - Change the height of multiple levels at the same time! Your groups already love it ;)

It is a part of my pledge to reinvest the money I get from sales of add-ins into further development of the tools I made! So, we can finally stop wasting time and concentrate on what we love! Without you learning how programming works!

For detail help, please visit: Update info page

You can get my add-in from Autodesk App Store at: Page at Autodesk App Store

I am working on new tools for my largest toolset, Drafter and some other plugins! Sharing info about my tools and/or buying them helps a lot!

Also please do not hesitate to tell me what other tools and automations you would like to see as a part of Leveler!

Written on January 29, 2024