How did I end up in a publication with photos of photographers from the first half of the 20th century?


Once again, I managed to involve myself in something cool. As some of you know, in the last couple of years, I have taken a number of aerial photos from my UAV. Most of the time they were somehow connected with architecture or construction. My photos have been used in CGIs, building evaluations, photogrammetry models, or promotional materials of different companies.

BTW, I claim here that I am one of the first people whose drone legally end up in almost 120m high industrial chimney, but it is a story for another post.

This time I did a photo for a catalogue made by MuFo (Museum of Photography in Krakow) and Archiwum Narodowe (National Archive in Krakow). The catalogue made by Barbara Zbroja shows the works of photographers from the first half of the 20th century who lived and worked in Krakow. It documents the exposition made by MuFo earlier last year (exhibition name: „Za obiektywem. Krakowskie zakłady fotograficzne pierwszej połowy XX wieku”). My photo ended up on the page 168 and 169. It shows the location of a photographic studio of Ignacy Pretzel, which was designed specially for him, in a newly erected building in the centre of old town (1908).

I am somehow proud of my photo because it is the only photo in the whole catalogue which was made by a living photographer;)


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Video and some other photos from this job below:





Written on January 5, 2023