Can you make Revit play music from notes made of railings?


The moment I saw Dariel Rey García’s submission for #bimsmithwinterwonderland (organized by BIMsmith), I knew how I would spend the next couple of evenings. #Autodesk #Revit can do many things, but making it a pianist…

We exchanged messages with Dariel - he not only provided me with his Revit family but also gave some explanations of how he modelled them. A few evenings later because of this cooperation, we managed to make Revit play piano 😉 It is still not perfect but works as a proof of concept!

But why?

For me, BIM is about making and using a “building” database. I think this basic understanding is fundamental to everything which comes with BIM like PAS, ISO 19650, CDE, EIR, BEP, office standards and all other aspects of the modern construction environment.

This simple, funny yet powerful example shows us what is possible when the database you create is ordered! Using C# and #revitapi to convert railings into the music notes was easy because while modelling it, Dariel not only created geometry but also information. While working on geometry is always possible, some things are much easier done with ordered information.

What next?

Together with Dariel we are thinking about making a longer video explaining how to model these railings and how to make them play with Revit API? Please tell us what you think about it!

Written on January 28, 2024