Muzeum Apple Polska

Muzeum Apple

There is a new cool place to visit in Warsaw! (probably the coolest)!

I am proud to announce that after many challenges we faced, “Apple Muzeum Polska” is finally open. It presents the largest collection of products designed by Apple in the world. On 350 sq m you have a chance to learn about the history and development of one of the most important and significant companies in the world. Steve Jobs changed forever the way we look on computers, mobile phones, personal devices and how we interact with each other. And he did it over and over again.

Museum of Apple is located in a unique investment in the centre of Warsaw. Old factory, “Fabryka Norblina” was recently brought back to life by PRC Architekci and Capital Park after more than a decade of hard work. It is a great place which contains among others one of the best office spaces in Europe, small boutiques, famous food court and high-end cinema. It feels great to be part of the history of this significant site by designing interiors of Apple Museum and its further coordination. I had a perfect chance to observe how initial ideas of the Museum and conceptual sketches transformed into a solid reality - through countless discussions, technical development and construction process. And it was a great journey which doesn’t stop now - “Apple Muzeum” will keep transforming!

So next time you are in Warsaw, you know what to do! And after that, tell me what you think!

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Written on May 26, 2022