Horisont Bygg A, Norway


Work for http://reaktor48.com/

Reaktor is an CGI office which specialize in presenting and showing ideas and designs of other architects.

This time together we designed 3 multifamily residential blocks in Norway. They are located on a steep stone slope with a perfect view on surrounding sea in a walking distance from the city centre of Molde.

Designing buildings in a different country is always an interesting journey. From the beginning of this project, we worked closely with a client and local architect, to make sure that our building is, not only beautiful and highly liveable, but also done with accordance to the local laws and regulations. Having to constantly look at the project from different angles, we gathered a team of experts with variety of backgrounds. All of it gave us a very peculiar position to evaluate innovative solutions emerging in the AEC market. To name a few, we had a chance to play with BIM, Virtual Reality and Unreal Engine. The work is still in progress, but please take a look;)



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Written on February 10, 2023