W7k Tools - Extra, my free add-in for Revit


Recently, I was asked if it is possible to make an add-in which calculates the length of two+ selected lines. I started laughing because the code behind it is ridiculously easy (it was the first command I did in Revit API – my “hello world”).

And I started thinking what to do with it. Charge the client for it? At the beginning, I also thought about adding it to Drafter, my largest add-in. It is full of those small improvements which can save you plenty of time.

But then I reminded myself that many times I wasted parts of my life doing just that. Adding length of the lines on calculator… This sounds ridiculous and probably is. Sadly, it is a reality for many architects and engineers. Doing utterly stupid tasks which should be automated. While everyone is hyped up about AI and BIM, people who do the projects are adding lengths with a calculator!

I decided to start a new project called “Extra”. It will be completely free, so everyone will be able to download it. And it will contain these small tweaks we all deserve to have.

Link to the tool page

Written on March 30, 2024