BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition 2022


Ok, I won again this year ;)

You may find my submission for BIM Smith Holiday Revit Family Competition below. It is an important event because there are no other Revit modeling competitions out there!

And competitions are important!

They show where the industry experts are and what drives them. In my opinion, there is visible a switch from complicated geometry to simple but powerful families. Use of dynamo is also becoming a norm! Except that this competition is also a great chance to use your normal “office” skills in a completely different and creative way. I’ve always strongly believed that we should not be limited by the software (especially by our lack of knowledge how to use it.). It was the biggest reason I learn Revit so well. Also, for me it is a fantastic way to assess my skills, push them beyond a current level and to grow further! Last year, I created a Revit family with a generative design in mind. It allows creating multiple “snowflakes” which can vary in size, shape, and form. I managed to get the first prize with it!

I felt no pressure at all to do something cool this year 😉 So I decided to investigate the idea of creating a changeable family. Something you can animate. I had some experience with this kind of families – I already played with the idea of a bifold door, folding curtain panels etc. For the entry I decided to make a simple wrapping family with a limited number of parameters (W, H, D, T, Materials) and animate it with a “time” parameter.

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Animation below:

Written on January 6, 2023