BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition 2021


Another great news! I received the first prize in the 2021 BIMsmith Winter Wonderland Holiday Revit Family Competition! Congratulations to all participants!

It is wonderful feeling to hear BIM Experts Benjamin Glunz (BIMsmith - Architects and Bim Coordinators check their tools!), Paul Aubin (Probably the first real Revit instructor on the internet) and Nicolas Catellier (Revit Pure - his free Revit Pamphlets are constantly helping me during my daily work, and are the must for every Revit person out there) discussing my work!

Working knowledge about making new Revit content has been always very important to me. I never wanted my imagination to be limited by my knowledge about software, and I never felt this way. With all its flaws, Revit has always been allowing me to early check my design in 3d, to make my drawings less prone to errors and in general to work smarter!

“This may look like your typical snowflake, but Julian Wandzilak describes it as “one family to make them all.” With no visibility tricks, the snowflakes are fully parametric in size, angles, shape, and materials.

The family was built using basic parametric profiles hosted by sweep paths that share a common path. The profiles are then placed at the desired location to create the symmetrical snowflake architecture.


The parameter that drives the family’s size and pattern is easy to understand and surprisingly fun to manipulate. Watch Julian demonstrate his Revit family here.”

Written on January 13, 2022